Ekonomichna Kibernetyka (Economic cybernetics)
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Economic cybernetics [Text]: int. sci. journal / Donetsk national university; [head of ed.board Yu.G.Lysenko]. - Donetsk: Yugo-Vostok, Ltd., 2012. - №1-3(73-75) - 106 p.
Contents: 2012-1-3-eng.pdf (81,51kb)
Abstracs: 2012-1-3-eng-ann.pdf (47,59kb)
Lysenko Yu. G., Andrienko V. N. , Zakharchenko V. Yu.
Methodology of Web-outsourcing [pp. 4-15]
The article explores principles of constructing the effective system of management of
WEB-outsourcing. It was substantiated the necessity of monitoring of financial situation as
the facility of improvement and development of resources of budget. Also the system of internet-
monitoring of universitie’s financial reports was offered.
Lysenko Yu. G., Bizyanov E. E.
Fuzzy model of effectiveness a rationing subsystem management information system of the industrial enterprise [pp. 16-25]
The paper considers the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of enterprise information
management systems under uncertainty. A method of constructing fuzzy models is
present, its mathematical description, and an example of a model for large metallurgical enterprise
are given.
Rekova N. Yu.
Modeling the cost of conflict in the corporate structure [pp. 25-32]
In the article the feasibility of applying the system of corporate governance theory of
asymmetric conflict, and the algorithm methodical approach to minimize the cost of conflict
in the corporate structure and the methods of its implementation.
Kravchenko V. M., Lysenko A. Yu.
Simulation of flow processes in production and sales of metal [pp. 32-45]

Simulation models are applied to justify the parameters of control of flow processes in
production and sales of metal in order to increase their effectiveness. These models are based
on the methods of automata, discrete-event and system dynamics simulation, as well as approaches
to their combination and integrated application in practice.
Lyashenko I. N., Tadeev Yu. P.
Ecological-economic dynamics with consideration for intellectual capital [pp. 46-50]

The new ecological-economic model of optimal control considering investments in
productive capital, intellectual capital and environmental protection is proposed and analyzed
in the article. Two states of equilibrium are particularly investigated (»golden age» equilibrium
and «dark age» equilibrium).
Mintz A. Yu.
Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of solutions tasks ranging [pp. 51-56]

In article the actual problem solving performance evaluation ranking. Proposed settlement
and the settlement and graphical methods to solve this problem. The advantage of calculation
and graphic method is the visualization of the results. Disadvantage - some worst possible
formalization selecting optimal models.
Makoveichuk K. O.
Analysis of factors for enterprise competitiveness based on the newest information and communication technology [pp. 57-62]

The factors of increasing the competitiveness of enterprises have been explored; information
and communication technologies that provide factors have been identified. The conceptual framework
for managing the competitiveness of enterprises, in view of the stages of economic development
based on the newest information and communication technologies has been proposed.
Ramazanov S. K., Voronova A. G.
Tools estimation of regional development disproportionality as a threat to the state economic security (on the example of Lugansk region) [pp. 63-67]

Particular attention is paid to the territorial region unevenness of development as a
threat to the state economic security. Tools estimation of socio-economical development disproportional
is designed for orientation regional economic policy in the sphere of economic
security for its removal.
Blagodarniy A. I., Severin V. S.
System for monitoring of the strategic development of the cultural and educational level of the population of the region in a single information space [pp. 68-74]

In the article for the estimation of efficiency of region strategy of population cultural
and educational level development due to the systematic looking after its implementation the
structure of the system of monitoring of achievement of region strategy of population cultural
and educational level development was offered in common information spaces which is based
on the key performance indicators.
Matviychuk A. V., Kaydanovich D. B.
Pattern recognition in the structure of price curves and prediction of their future development using counterpropagation neural networks [pp. 75-85]
There is proposed the methodological approach to forecasting of financial indices
changes, which based on the recognition of images at price curves structures. This task is
solved in the article with usage of counterpropagation neural networks. The analysis of results
of carried out experiments shown the high ability to identify of typical patterns in financial
indices time series and precise of forecasting of theirs following changes.
Shabelnik T. V.
Analysis of modern information systems marketing-oriented management [pp. 86-91]

The paper explores the functionality of the information systems of marketing-oriented
management at the present stage of development of information technology and the tendencies
of their development.
Yaremko S. A.
A management of corporate systems informative safety is on basis of modern information technologies [pp. 91-96]

In the article on the basis of certain values of informative components and expected
meaningful grades of threats the rules of policy safety are formulated for the corporate informative
systems. The offered ways of realization of rules policy of safety are on the base of
the select modes and proper class of defence of valuable information.